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Each day, thousands of U.S. workers experience workplace injuries. The result is billions of dollars in lost wages, decreased productivity, and increased medical costs. As an employer, you want to protect and improve the health of your workforce. When workers are injured, you want an objective and fair evaluation of injury claims, and an efficient resolution to each case.

Our Workplace Injury Process:

  • Assess the patient’s condition
  • Provide a prompt diagnosis
  • Produce an individualized treatment plan, including transitional work modifications
  • Communicate diagnosis, treatment plan, and progress to the patient and the employer
  • Apply proactive process management to every case

MED-1 clinics are conveniently located throughout Grand Rapids and the Lakeshore area.

Convenient Care

We are available 24/7 for injury care and illness, providing injured or ill workers the security of knowing their employer cares enough to provide for them.

Occupational Team

MED-1 physicians are specialists in occupational medicine and provide the highest quality medical care for on-the-job injuries and illnesses.

Online Reporting Workplace Health

Online Reporting

Our web-based reporting system provides 24/7 access to your employee reports, results and authorizations through a secure HIPAA compliant portal.

Getting Employees Back to Work

MED-1 uses an evidence-based approach to injury and illness care called Pathways to optimize clinician care by reducing variation, eliminating medical errors, and reducing costs. It is in the best interest of the patient, the employer, and the payor that the medical provider provides early diagnosis, an appropriate treatment plan, and resolves the work-related injuries and illnesses.

The use of MED-1 Pathways in conjunction with appropriate follow-up scheduling, best in practice medicine based physical therapy, and transitional or modified-duty restrictions accelerates treatment and gets your employee back to work.

Complete our online form, and an occupational health expert will reach out to discuss your needs.

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