Specialty Exams

MED-1 Specialty Exams

MED-1 physician conducted exams range from basic general screenings to industry-specific complex examinations. MED-1 has extensive experience with complex physical exams based on nationally established standards (Police, Fire, Department of Transportation). These physicals result in confirming compliance and identifying individualized health risks.

Each patient is provided a one on one patient-physician opportunity to review results and discuss further intervention if required. Our additional services include drug screening, radiology, laboratory, and ancillary services to provide the employer with all desired components to facilitate a one-stop patient experience.

MED-1 Specialized Services

Our Specialty Services

  • Orthopedic Exams
  • DOT Evaluations, including Complex Exams
  • Nationally Based DOT Evaluation Process
  • Complex Case Evaluations
  • Experts in Exposures
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Serial Wellness Evaluation Processes

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DOT Compliance
Firefighter Specialty Occupational Exams
Police Health and Wellness

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