Occupational Physical Therapy Services

Focused on Employee Rehabilitation

MED-1 offers personal attention from highly skilled and experienced licensed therapists who focus on rehabilitation. Our therapists have years of experience working with injured workers in the acute and post-surgical phases of recovery.  Many of our therapists are McKenzie certified.  We work closely with Physicians and employers to assure the optimal improvement for the return to activity.

We offer job site visits to companies to identify problem areas or potential problems.  MED-1 therapists will assess physical demands and suggest cost-effective solutions.  We will help educate employees on proper ergonomic techniques.

Why MED-1 for Occupational Physical Therapy?

  • Convenience – Each MED-1 location has a physical therapy department on site.
  • Communication – Physical therapists are in direct consultation with Doctors.
  • Cost Effective – Resulting in fewer visits and a faster return to work.

Our Physical Therapy Processes ensure Fewer Visits and Lower Cost

Ergonomics and the Job Site Analysis

Assist in Identifying Problem Areas
Often there are recurring injuries of a similar nature at one particular area of a job site.  Sometimes employers know there is a problem but are not sure what is causing it.  As therapists, we understand body mechanics, and the impact stress has on the body.

Assess the Potential for Problems
It’s worthwhile to have “expert eyes” look at job sites to help identify potential problem areas and prevent injuries before they occur.

Assess Physical Demands for a Job
When an employee returns to work after an injury or is placed on light duty, it’s beneficial to know the stress that their body will undergo.  Knowing the physical demands of a job will help to properly place individuals in an area that will not exacerbate injuries and keep people working.

Suggest Cost Effective Ergonomic Solutions
There are several ways to manage an area that is causing injury to employees.  Not all areas require extensive devices or rework to reduce the incidence of injury.  Some solutions may be as simple as increased rotation time or training in body mechanics.

Ergonomic Training
Safe lifting, body mechanics, specific exercise routines and safety awareness are areas of ergonomic training that are cost-effective and contribute to maintaining the health of employees.  All these factors can be modified based on observations from a site visit.

Focused on getting Employees Back to Work

MED-1 customers find value in our exceptional commitment to clinical quality, service excellence, and cost containment.  We offer a highly skilled Physical Therapy program.  

MED-1 Physical Therapy Services

  • Individualized
  • Physical Ability Testing
  • Functional Capacity Testing
  • Customized Job Simulations
  • Plant Tours
  • Ergo Testing
  • Lift Test – Progressive

Let us provide a work-site evaluation to help problem solve troublesome areas.  

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