What is Occupational Health?

Occupational health is a specialty of medicine focusing on the health, safety, and wellness of employees in the workforce. It considers an individual’s health, ability to perform job functions, and promotes injury prevention. Services include injury care, post offer testing, employee wellness, ergonomic assessment, physical therapy, and more.

Employee Health & Wellness

MED-1 offers the most comprehensive occupational health services in West Michigan by providing the services and solutions necessary to meet corporate health care needs. From pre-placement screenings, treating worker injury, to annual exams, we are dedicated to assisting you with the prevention and evaluation of injuries occurring in the workplace. We maintain quality care and cost-effective solutions while being considerate of your employee’s comfort and peace of mind.

Frequent, Friendly, and Complete Communication
Our communication tools offer easy access to records and reports, enabling employers to stay updated on the status of their employees 24/7. Our clinic managers provide consistent communication between the patient, employer, insurer, and third-party administrator.

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Occupational Health Services

We work with you to keep your employees safe, healthy, and productive.

Return to Work

We combine treatment and rehabilitation to produce a prompt return to work plan.

Work Site Services

We bring occupational health care services right to your workplace… when you need them.

One Stop Solution for your Occupational Health Needs

Workplace Injury Care

We offer full workplace injury services including diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation. Our staff has experience with the workers’ compensation system.

Occupational Health Care

We perform pre-employment health screenings, annual physicals, as well as specialized physicals to ensure the health and safety of your employees.

MED-1 employee drug testing complies with government regulations, including OSHA and DOT.  We provide pre-employment and random drug tests.

Work site corporate medical services are a convenient and practical option for your company to control costs and keep your operations running smoothly.