Employee Physical Exams

MED-1 performs post offer exams to ensure your employees are capable of physically performing their job. Drug tests are also often required as a condition of employment. These physical exams and tests are vital in keeping workers healthy and safe in the workplace.

Many careers require employers to remain compliant with exams to promote workforce safety and are regulated by government agencies to protect the worker and the public. Our providers are trained in OSHA, DOT, HAZMAT, and other regulatory requirements for compliance in keeping your employees safe.  Our DOT exams are powered by CerteDrive.

With MED-1, employees that receive custom-tailored physical exams are more productive and less likely to miss work due to illness or injury. We lead the occupational medical field in using the most sophisticated computerized tools to support and improve occupational medicine patient care.

DOT physicals are physical exams required by the Department of Transportation for commercial motor vehicle drivers (CMV’s). The MED-1 team specializes in DOT regulatory requirements.

Fit-for-duty exams are an essential solution in determining if an employee can perform their job function or return to work after an injury.

There are several types of post-offer physicals; including physical exams, drug testing, and HPE’s.  The combination of health screenings ensures the applicant can safely perform on the job.

OSHA Surveillance keeps your workforce safe and healthy.  These exams are focused on monitoring the health of the employees and looking for issues that may be occurring within the workplace which require targeted prevention.

Convenient Care

MED-1 clinics are centrally located throughout Grand Rapids and the Lakeshore with convenient hours for walk-in physicals.

Occupational Team

The MED-1 Team is a group of physician-based specialists in occupational medicine and provide the highest quality medical care in West Michigan.

Online Reporting Workplace Health

Online Reporting

Our web-based reporting system provides 24/7 access to your employee reports, results and authorizations through a secure HIPAA compliant portal.

Focused on getting Employees Back to Work

MED-1 performs post offer health screenings and annual physicals to ensure the health and safety of your employees.  We also offer specialized physicals such as OSHA, Hazmat, Merchant Marine, Asbestos, and Fire, Police, and Coast Guard Physicals.

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Employee Physical Exams
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