MED-1 is Focused on Communication

Communication is a crucial fundamental to consider when choosing an occupational health services partner for your organization. One of the many benefits of partnering with Med-1 is convenient access to your dedicated clinic manager.

Occupational Health Clinic Manager:

  • Coordinates communication between you, the employee, and providers for the most efficient return-to-work solutions
  • Has the ability to communicate directly with clinicians
  • Expedites appointments with specialists (if needed)
  • Provides regular check-ins and updates throughout to help keep all parties updated with the latest details
  • Oversees each case with a sharp eye on efficiency, making sure nothing falls through the cracks
  • A one-stop spot for occupational health questions and concerns including employee/patient status and return-to-work information
  • Computerized tracking system
  • Ability to create custom reports based on your needs