What is Occupational Health?

Occupational health is a specialty of medicine focusing on the health, safety, and wellness of employees in the workforce. It considers an individual’s health, ability to perform job functions, and promotes injury prevention. Services include injury care, post offer testing, employee wellness, ergonomic assessment, physical therapy, and more.

Looking for an Occupational Health Provider in West Michigan?

MED-1 Occupational Health Services

MED-1 provides a wide range of services in West Michigan to meet corporate healthcare needs, making it the region’s most comprehensive occupational health service provider. We provide pre-placement screenings, drug and alcohol testing, treatment of work-related injuries, and annual exams. We strive to deliver top-quality care and cost-effective solutions while ensuring your employees’ comfort and peace of mind.

Frequent, Friendly, and Complete Communication

Our tools for communication provide employers with convenient access to records and reports, ensuring that they stay informed about their employees’ status at all times. Additionally, our clinic managers maintain consistent communication among patients, employers, insurers, and third-party administrators.

Benefits of Working with MED-1

  • Physician-based occupational injury and illness care.
  • Walk in immediate occupational care.
  • Expertise in working within the workers’ compensation system.
  • Knowledgeable of compliance with federally regulated programs.
  • Customized case management reporting based on your requirements.
  • Work site specialized clinics, nursing, and medical services.
  • Work site health and wellness programs and education.
  • Experience… we have been serving organizations like yours since 1984.

Let’s Work Together

Occupational Health Services

We work with you to keep your employees safe, healthy, and productive.

Return to Work

We combine treatment and rehabilitation to produce a prompt return to work plan.

Work Site Services

We bring occupational health care services right to your workplace… when you need them.